Face to Face with God: A Real-Life Story

Face to Face With God

People often think God doesn’t interact with humanity.

Or think that God doesn’t interact with humanity the way He “used to” in the Bible.

Or think that He exists at all.

But personal experiences and stories make me beg to differ…

Justin’s story is one of them.

His story – which I believe to be powerful and authentic – exploded the box I had God in.

When I met Justin, I was 13.  I called him Piercy… and he was Piercy for years.  We were friends in school and had some of the same social circles, but I had no idea about 95% of what he is about to tell you in this interview.

And after all of this happened, calling him Piercy didn’t seem to fit anymore… because the Piercy I knew was gone.

I’ve called him Justin ever since.

You and I have a belief system around who God is or isn’t.

Every once in a while, we learn, understand or experience something that shifts our belief system.  I hope that this is one of those things for you.

His story is one that raises more questions so – this Thursday – we’re featuring a special Q & A with Justin about what you want to ask after tuning in.

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Justin answers as many questions as he can here.

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Sarah according to Justin – brings a kindness, compassion and empathy to every conversation she finds herself in. She has a remarkable gift for reaching out and leaving others better than when she met them. She’s also a devoted, patient, and loving wife and mother with a passion for seeing God’s love realized in this world.