About us

We’re Justin and Sarah. Like you, we’re figuring life out one day at a time.

From brewing coffee to exploring faith, we look for and share what makes everyday life rich, meaningful and worth living.

Do you want real relationships?  

A healthy family?  

Faith that’s life-giving?

A lifestyle that’s fuelling?

So do we.

We have both recently broken the ice on our 30’s and are pursuing growth, health and meaning in our daily lives. We’re inviting you to join in!

Why United & Untied?  

We want to be united with God – our Creator, our Leader, our source of unwavering Love and acceptance.  And we want to be united with each other. Neither of those things just happen by accident.  The more we pursue unity with God and one another, the richer and more meaningful our lives seem to become.  

Finally, we want to be untied. Untied from the burdens, the weight, the expectations of this life. We find freedom again and again and again and again in the person of Jesus Christ.  While this world sometimes laughs in the face of faith, it’s our relationship with God that is the source of the richest freedom we have ever found.

We believe there is meaning to your life. There’s purpose. And design. And beauty. And hope. Let’s find it.

Our Blogging Goal

This blog is the result of encouragement from others to share what we’re learning.

It’s an attempt to open a door to our lives.

It’s an attempt to see the world the way God sees it.

It’s an attempt to pursue the most meaningful aspects of everyday life, and invite you to do the same.

We hope that as a result of reading this blog, your life is better.

Yep, that’s a bold goal.  Maybe even a ridiculous one.  Who are we to say you’ll be better off after reading what we have to say? We’re just a couple chumps from Canada typing away in our basement.

But that’s the point.  We’re just a regular couple. We’re just trying to figure it out, too. We’re looking for meaning. For ways to live well.  Trying to live united and untied.

Seriously – subscribe to do the same! 🙂

We’d love to have you.