5 Simple Reflections on Parenting – Year One


This is will be short and sweet.

It’s the eve of our baby’s 1st birthday and I’m feeling all nostalgic.

How fast can a year possibly go?  Does every year go this fast??

Parenthood has made me realize a few things.

  1. I can function with less sleep than I thought

    I used to love sleep. I still love sleep. And as amazing as our boy is, I wish he loved sleep a little more!

    The kid has stretched my sleep deprivation threshold to its limits, but I’m pleasantly surprised by how I can still function.  My eyes don’t burn all day. 😉

  2. I am not as nice as I thought

    To go with point #1.  Although I can function with less sleep, my patience fuse got shortened by about 90%.

    I thought I was a pretty nice person.  But turns out if our baby is sick or I don’t know how to get our baby to stop crying or I only slept a solid 3 hours… I’m not that nice.

    But I try.  Bless you Justin for dealing with me!

  3. I am weaker than I thought

    My heart pools onto the floor regularly.  That is all.

    Maybe it’s not weakness. But it’s something…

  4. I am stronger than I thought

    I gave birth, never have I felt more like a rockstar.

    Then, I’m faced with challenge after challenge after challenge.  And. it. never. stops.

  5. God’s love is way more massive than I thought

    I “know” God loves me.  Sometimes I feel it more than other times.

    But then I look into the face of my own son.  And I think… is this how God feels about me?

    And God loved me enough to give up His own son?  So that I could have a relationship with Him?  (Sorry – I know, a lot of theology summed up in two sentences)

    When it comes to God’s love, I think we only get to see the tip of the iceberg in this life.

That is all, friends.

Thanks for reading these reflections.

Do you have any from your past year?

Leave a comment below. 🙂


Sarah according to Justin – brings a kindness, compassion and empathy to every conversation she finds herself in. She has a remarkable gift for reaching out and leaving others better than when she met them. She’s also a devoted, patient, and loving wife and mother with a passion for seeing God’s love realized in this world.

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  1. aunt jayne

    You’re still one of the nicest people I know even when you’re not nice. 🙂

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